Our Values

We as a global collective share a set of values and beliefs that underpin everything we do.

These are the things we care about:

Global Commons

Everyone in the community co-creates and shares responsibility for our global commons (the OFN platform, but more generally, the air, water, soils, etc.).


We realise that the nature of our relationship with our food is at the foundation of our relationship with life itself, and that this relationship reflects the spirit of our existence.


We support farmers and producers moving towards regenerative forms of agriculture, that (re)build resilient natural systems, taking into account the soil, air, water and biodiversity of our planet.


We believe in transparency, both in the platform we build and the organisation that supports it.


Our project empowers people to create the life they want for themselves; and gives people a real say in their food system.


Problems are best solved at the lowest appropriate level of subsidiarity.

People First

We build a people system. Care and empathy for each other lie at its heart, celebrating solidarity, diversity, inclusivity and tolerance.

Constant Evolution

We live in a perpetually evolving world, which requires constant adaptation and agility.

Systemic Change

We believe in a global transition that addresses the root cause of current ills, not its symptoms

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