A new way of working

Open Food Network is not only creating a new food system. We are also developing a new way of working as a global community, in a truly open and collaborative way.

A community of people

The Open Food Network is a distributed collaborative organization run by committed people all over the world. We are very inspired by sociocratic and holacratic governance systems, even though we develop our own governance model through the tensions that emerge.

Everyone can develop their own leadership within the community, and we try to organize somehow in a permacultural way, making sure for instance that every role can be done by at least 2 or 3 people, and that each person can fulfil at least 2 or 3 roles.

But to play and build together in a distributed team, we need common rules.

We have documented the way we work and are happy to share with you our OFN handbook !

A network of local affiliates

Those people cooperate globally but organise locally through local entities they create, and which collaborate with one another around the development and maintenance of shared open source resources to support the development of the local and sustainable food systems. The relationships between those local entities are formalised via a mutual agreement document : our community pledge.

Find out how we can help

Have an idea, a project or a question? Want help using the Open Food Network software?  Interested in setting it up where you are? Get in touch and find out how we can help.

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