Linking Shipping/Payment Methods to Order Cycles

 This enhancement will enable enterprises to set payment and shipping methods that are only available on specific order cycles. This enhancement will greatly increase the flexibility of order cycles within the Open Food Network and will enable more creative ways of organising payments and deliveries.

What is the Problem?

One of the core structures within the Open Food Network is the Order Cycle. Order Cycles have a lot of flexibility – you can set different order cycles to have different products or be visible to different customers. However there is currently a significant flaw with Order Cycles. They all must enable every payment method and every shipping method that the Enterprise offers.

This is problematic as there are many cases in which some order cycles would benefit from having only some payment of shipping methods available. For example if you wish to offer national delivery on less perishable products, then you might want the ‘national courier’ delivery option for an order cycle with only perishables and a ‘local delivery’ option on an order cycle with all products. Or if you have a physical premises then you might want to offer cash payment only for orders to be collected from the physical shop. More potential use cases are listed in the next section.

What are the benefits of solving this?

This is one of those features that when new users come to OFN they do a double take when they realise that this functionality is not available on the Order Cycle. For many this is such an obvious way to leverage Order Cycles and hence can be thought of as a basic ‘hygiene’ feature.

Potential benefits include:

  • Increased flexibility for selective National Delivery: The same hub can have an order cycle with non-perishable items only tagged with National Delivery shipping and another order cycle (with all products) for local collection only.


  • Enables multiple collection days of the week: This is particularly attractive to ‘shops’ which have physically open collection points (their bricks and mortar shops) 7-days a week. Customers can select an order cycle based on when they wish to collect and there will be less confusion.


  • Easier to set up an enterprise with multiple ‘daughter’ hubs that have different product ranges and shipping methods. At present the complexity of setting up a new enterprise on the platform is a barrier to the ‘daughter hubs’ from opening.


  • Easier to set up Wholesale and Retail options for hubs. Often Wholesale customers have different prices, payment options and shipping options.


  • Easier to set up pre-order order cycles by limiting the Shipping Methods on these order cycles. This is attractive for sales and holidays and religious festivals.

What will the solution look like?

See the image slideshow to gain an understanding of how the new feature will work.

Note that this feature won’t be available on the single producer shop OC design. Any single producer shops that wish to use this feature will need to switch to the multi-producer view (they can do this and just not have other producers).


More information

This feature has been discussed on Discourse, here.

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